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The main character LOVE is cursed by a sage to become blind, he then was granted a boon to be able to see but only eventually, and he has to enter the mysterious maze created by an evil wizard to trap three souls in three golden chests. You need to find 3 different crystals one for each type of chest, on freeing the 3 souls within given time, the sage who cursed you lifts your curse and LOVE is NOT BLIND anymore.


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Great concept! The mechanic definitely had some interesting dynamics - for instance, turning to look at your surroundings may jeopardize facing the right direction for when you can walk. I feel like this level scratched the surface on what this set up can do - like, maybe a hypothetical future level could introduce moving platforms or hazards in more wide open spaces? Although it looks like this was made for a game jam, so it makes sense it's  just the one level.

A little bit of feedback for the walking would be nice - maybe if I made stepping sound effects when I walked? That would make me feel like I'm actually performing the action and give me an idea of how much I'm moving. Keeping track of which keys I had would be helpful, too. Also, I wonder if the "curse removed, curse returned" text could be traded out with simple magical/dramatic sound effects?

Good call with the light pillars, they're good guides on where to go... And, I really like the inclusion of the story to give meaning to the game (even if the story page was just a tad lengthy)! 

It's funny because I also recently thought of a "you can only walk when you can't see" game mechanic, but the game I had in mind was totally different from this! It definitely works in this game!

thank you so much for your lovely feedback, yes the game was made for a gamejam!! I couldn't make an update, the movement feedback and a minimap were the roadmap to reduce the ridiculous difficulty.  I hope you make your game on the concept with a polished gameplay!!! isn't it just amazing how humans living in different parts of world think about same idea or concept without any common influence, happens to me  a lot.

I'd love it i you share your game once it's completed and after such a lovely feedback I'd definately want to update cursed love soon. thanks again.

Sure thing! With some of the EC Game Jam games I've looked at, I've looked at some of the creators' other work - that's how I came across this one!

Thanks! I look forward to if/when I have a finished game from that idea. I'll send it your way then!

It is indeed strange! And it's also interesting that we took that basic idea in different ways after we had it. 

If you do make an update with this game, I'd focus on taking the mechanic and using it in more interesting scenarios. Games are all about meaningful choices, and the choices in this game are mostly all when the player can see - they have to decide how long they can afford looking around, then pick a path, and face in that direction. When the player is blind, however, the only choice from what I could tell was how far to walk forward (as I thought you couldn't turn while blind). I'd wonder if any more meaningful decisions could be put in that phase? Maybe turning is possible and you have to estimate when to turn, or maybe other challenges in the dark? If that's the case, audio feedback for when you bump into a wall could be handy.  And, assuming you would keep the blind-not blind phases on a fixed timer, maybe more tuning on that would be needed? How long for each phase is perfect - not too annoying, but just right? As it is, it can be a little frustrating, because you feel a bit out of control when some external force is repeatedly altering your controls. That might not be a bad thing, but the perfect lengths for those phases may be something to think about. Good luck!

do you use unity?

if you do, we can work on it together.