A black and white platformer with some really interesting places in the world of void, collect emotions to meet salvation.

Development log


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Overall I like what you have made. So first the things I had issue with. The biggest is the jump key felt unresponsive. Several times I would press the key and nothing seemed to happen, not sure why. I also found the music fine at first but given how long you spend wondering around it got a little tiresome. Just lowering the volume a little might help a lot preventing it being quite so overly focused. A more personal note, I didn't like that I was stuck being unable to complete the game because I failed to get enough emotions before the cut off drop. 

Things I like. The fact you gave a bit of back story to what was going on. While the music was a bit much, it fit with what the game was saying. When the jumping was working, the movement felt pretty good. I was mostly able to direct myself through even difficult jumps with little problems. The overall art style worked well and was quite good with the restriction to black and white.
The last thing I want to say is I  wish the character evolved, even something small like a facial change, as they got more emotions. Something aside from the number in the corner to represent progress.

Great job with the game.

hey thanks for playing state of void, sorry I got caught up in some work and couldn't reply to your precious feedback, yes the game was supposed to have that changing facial expressions mechanism and also like gaining colors, but the jam's constrainsts and time's unavailavblity made it difficult to be added.

I love that you had an interesting backstory to the game - I think it makes it much more enjoyable. 

I got stuck for awhile. From what I could tell, when you jump into the one area halfway through the game, if you didn't collect enough emotions at the first areas, you can't get back out. So, after exploring in vain for awhile, I restarted, and made sure to collect enough emotions before venturing down again.

I think the jump being so high is neat - with a simple sound effect and particle trail, I think that could be very satisfying, like how it's always fun to jump when you're playing a Mario game. The music also fit. I liked the feel it gave... except after hearing it loop so much while I played (I got stuck, so I was just running around as it repeated dozens of times), I muted the game the second time I played.

Since the protagonist is emotionless and the aesthetic is black and white, I thought it would be awesome if the emotion collecting somehow incorporated different colors. Y'know... maybe the effect from collecting each emotion, instead of being black, would always be a color from the rainbow. Or, when you collect an emotion, the black boxes in its vicinity change to a solid color. The result of that would be the player coloring the landscape with various colors, paralleling the protagonist's coloring of their soul with various emotions. Also, it would help players keep track of where they have explored, which would be nice, because the landscape otherwise looks similar. 

That's just a thought I had when playing - I understand its sorta at odds with the whole "use only two colors" challenge.

So, I think with some tweaks (several more effects, eliminating getting stuck, less repeats in the music), this can be a very compelling experience! I also really respect how you managed to develop this by yourself while balancing your day job.

actually, i had the exactly same idea in my mind, where f you collect emotions, you and the void slowly gain colors, but after moving a bit ahead with it, i found myself ctrl+z ing a several times remembering that i can use  only two colors.

and man our way of thinking matches too much, definately would love it to have  a developer friend like you.

Very interesting game, there sure is potential here. I didn't find a lot of the emotions as my biggest enemy in this game was the jump button. For some reason I couldn't jump at some places so I kept falling down. I also waited for maybe seeing an enemy of any sort in the maze but unfortunately never met any.

Overall a nice game and I found the music very fitting to the story and art style of the game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thank you so much for the feedback, I will definitely try to improve the game and add more functionality, I couldn't for now as I could manage to work only 6-7 hours on the game after my office time, but the game's improvement is something I'll definitely look into.

Thank you do much for taking the time to play the game and write your really valuable feedback, I am really glad.

I'd love to join the championship, I want to know more about looking forward to catch up with you again.

Very understandable :) The competition is open until September so there is still time to apply and if you have any questions, just ask :D

I'm the only one on my team, you think my game will be able to stand anywhere near the masterpieces being created by teams working for months already? I wanna take part but it looks like it's already too late..:(

There are lots of teams with only one member and if you have the time and motivation you can make anything work :) This competition is free for everyone and it can be a fun thing for you to just experience and to give yourself some visibility :D We have weekly fan favorites and fan fridays as well where we show off different games so if you really want to join I don't see any reason why you shouldn't. You have a great game and with some simple fixes you can do great, just believe in yourself! :)


I got lost int the maze and got only 32 emotions.

the game has only 1 big maze with really intentional hard to find areas, hope you'll love exploring.

spoiler: there are total 50 emotions.

thank you for playing STATE OF VOID...